Lloyd Blunk - Pholloyo Photography & Video

Lloyd Blunk is a photographer living in his hometown of El Paso, Texas. While he has had a passion for photography since he was given a Kodak Disc camera for Christmas 31 years ago, he began to pursue it as a career after he began to take college courses and shoot for the school newspaper.

Most recently, he worked as the digital media producer for the Billings Gazette. Along with the Billings Gazette and its numerous sister publications in the Lee Media Group, Lloyd's photos and videos have been featured in numerous other media outlets including USA Today, Fox News, ABC News, The O'Reilly Factor and the Associated Press. His self portrait of with the Milky Way was selcted as one of the best photos of 2014 by the Atlanta Journal Constititution. Lloyd also won numerous awards for his music video work with Apsaalooke hip-hop artist Supaman.

Lloyd returned home to El Paso to raise his family. He is a proud graduate of El Paso High and UTEP.


Wedding photography or video packages start at $500 and go to $5000

Senior portraits $250

Studio portraits $150

Family Portrait session $250

Video Production work $100 per hour

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